Summer Camps

ACES International has faculty and education specialists that design and manage summer camps in the USA and in China for ARTS and STEM learning. Our camps are for students in primary/elementary school through high school (Ages 7–18). We offer an all-inclusive package for international families or a day program for local and regional families to Connecticut. With advanced notice and reservation, we can customize a faculty team and itinerary content according to our client priorities for a group of students. Please contact us for international group rates and itinerary planning.

International Enrollment

As both an education agency and a public school district, ACES and ACES International supports the application and enrollment process to its schools and its partner public schools in Connecticut. At ACES International, we believe that our students are motivated for opportunity, progressive in their thinking, and creative in their instincts. They are encouraged to become more expansive in their dreaming, determined in their work, collaborative in their teamwork, and humble in their progress. They learn to be ambassadors of their environments and to be as diverse as the world around them.

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