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  • What is ACES – RSET?

    ACES – RSET is Regional Special Education Transportation. It was developed to create cost savings for districts through a collaborative to regionalize special education transportation to out-of-district placement sites. 

  • Who manages the RSET program?

    Area Cooperative Educational Services (ACES) will manage the RSET program. ACES manages all aspects of the program freeing up time and resources for the district. ACES handles all requests including parent, school and transportation company concerns.

  • What are the benefits of the program?

    The benefits of the program for the districts are:

    • To reduce costs of the busing
    • To alleviate daily parent calls  & concerns regarding their child’s transportation needs
    • To reduce a staff members work load to perform other essential duties
  • How do I know what districts you have partnered with?

    We currently serve 6 districts: Cheshire, East Haven, Hamden, New Haven, North Haven, & West Haven.

  • How do I know what out-of-districts schools that you transport to?

    We currently transport to the following out-of-district schools: Cedarhurst, High Road High, High Road Primary/Middle, High Road Best Academy, Hope Academy, IPPI, Milestone Behavioral Services & Woodhouse Academy.

  • Will you be expanding to other districts and schools?

    Yes, the RSET program will expand to many other districts & to other out-of-district special education schools.

  • Where can I find more information about the program?

    You can find more information about the RSET program by going to www.aces.org/rset.

  • Who do I contact to get more specific information about the program?

    You could contact Lynn Bailey at lbailey@aces.org or 203-498-6843 or Olga I. Sanchez at osanchez@aces.org or 203-498-6841.

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