Who We Are

We are Educators. We are Students. We are a Global Community.

ACES International is committed to developing international, intercultural, and interdisciplinary competencies for students and educators. We sustain these competencies through our innovative work with experiential learning; collaborative projects and partnerships; research; creative activity; and community engagement on a local-to-national-to-international level.

What We Do

We Listen. We Observe. We Lead the Way.

We believe that students and educators are required to think beyond boundaries in order to advance a more collaborative, inclusive, and dynamic future for themselves.

  • Global Learning
  • International Research and Experiences
  • International Community Engagement
  • International Student Learning and Support
  • Transformative Campus Internationalization

Why We Do

We Love What We Do

There is a lack of resources and expertise for international accessibility to US institutions. AI possesses these elements to support educational organizations and family priorities. In an ever-present, fast- paced, and complex world, we strive to slow it down, make it relevant, and personalize experiences.

Our work prioritizes internationalization and multiculturalism as two complimentary facets, aiming to promote these perspectives through both local and global opportunities for teaching, learning, real-world experience, and service.