Transition Services: Vocational Training, Independent Living Skills and Community Participation Training

Our curriculum and real life experiences focus on the three transition areas of employment, independent living, and community participation which are foremost in planning for each student. The curriculum includes social skills training, work sampling, on the job training, life skills training, career exploration, and academic courses needed for high school credit if appropriate. Students are given hands on training in how to find and keep a job, access community resources and achieve their individual potentials.


Every staff member is passionate and committed to doing what is best for students. The average class size is nine students with one teacher, one to three Teacher Assistant Drivers and one to one individual aides as needed. Every student is assigned to a mental health staff person. All staff members collaborate to ensure that students have every advantage they will need to succeed. Students get a feeling of belonging and acceptance for who they are and all they can be in an atmosphere where there are high expectations for each individual student

Support Services

The ACES Whitney Academy EXPLORE & CREATE program also provides extensive mental health services, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, music therapy, assistive technology, physical education, art and nursing care. Through collaboration and cohesive programming, we provide a wide array of services our students need for success. A variety of programs and offerings help make Whitney Academy EXPLORE & CREATE the right place for students to thrive in an extended family atmosphere where their needs and safety come first.