Mission Statement

To create a coalition for health insurance among ACES member districts. The combined buying power of our towns, school boards and non-profit agencies should allow us to continue providing a high level of benefits while avoiding spikes in insurance premiums.


"We're designed to support local school districts to do things more efficiently, and one of the needs they've had for a long time is the escalating cost of health insurance."
- Tom Danehy, ACES Executive Director


ACES Insurance Collaborative, created in 2017, has been designed to have local towns and boards of education join together to save money on insurance needs.  The combined buying power of ACES towns, school boards and non-profit agencies help provide high-quality health insurance at competitive rates.  Current members include: ACES, Ansonia Board of Education, North Haven Board of Education and the Town of North Haven.

ACES Insurance Collaborative Venn Diagram