132 student transportation vehicles to transport students to and from ACES schools and programs.

ACES provides transportation of students and adults to and from ACES facilities as a contractual service to our local school districts and agencies. The Transportation Services Department is responsible for the 770 special education students and 108 adult consumers utilizing a fleet of 132 school vehicles. This fleet includes 13 yellow school buses that serve students who require the use of a wheelchair. In addition, Transportation Services coordinates with non-ACES school transportation contractors the agency has hired to provide busing services for many other students attending ACES programs.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Transportation Services utilizes a computer system called “Transfinder” that allows for efficient, effective routing.  We utilize a GPS system call Trackem for real-time tracking of the ACES fleet.

Driver Training

Because safety is a paramount issue, there is in place a rigorous training program that requires all newly hired drivers to undergo ten hours of safety procedures and good driving practices. Annual retraining of six hours is required for all personnel. In addition there is training for the “Commercial Drivers License” (CDL) needed to drive the school buses.