To prepare students for the world of work, Whitney High North offers a comprehensive Vocational Program.

Our high school students are able to select from:

  • Automotive
    This program is modeled after a typical commercial auto repair business.  Students are required to participate in all aspects of the business and demonstrate professional practices at all times.  This vocational experience is essential in preparing students for a successful school-to-work experience.
  • Culinary Arts
    A select group of students who participate in the culinary vocational program at Whitney High North traveled to Hyde, NY to tour the Culinary Institute of America.  The students were impressed by the real world experiences that the chefs and Jeff Arnold provided.
  • Graphic Design & Arts
    Students create a variety of projects using both computer-aided design programs and fine arts techniques.  One of the Graphics Department's biggest projects during the school year is to take photographs and create the pages for the school's yearbook, which incorporates both computer and fine arts skills the students have learned throughout the year. 
  • Technology Shop
    Students are introduced to troubleshooting techniques and basic computer repair & upgrades. This is a great  introductory opportunity for students interested in a IT career. 

**We are accepting donations of old and broken technology. If you have an old desktop, laptop, or LCD monitor – please consider donating it to the Student Tech Shop before recycling it or donating it elsewhere.

Please contact Mr. Guglielmo for more information to schedule service;  203-407-4500

Vocational experiences focus on professionalism, creativity, and positive work ethics.  Students will learn specific skills they can utilize not only in furthering their careers but also support learning across the content areas.