Through the efforts of the Governing Board, the Policy Review Subcommittee, and the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education, the ACES Policies, Regulations, and Bylaws Manual are regularly reviewed and revised. These are policies adopted by the Governing Board in a legitimate exercise of local discretion and authority.

Although many of the policies are new, some of ACES existing policies were also updated, codified, and organized into this manual.

ACES, like each local and regional Board of Education in Connecticut, is responsible for providing the best possible education to all its students. Boards and their administrators must make complex decisions which respond to the needs of the entire academic community, the best educational practices and theories, and state and federal laws. Regional Education Service Centers and school districts cannot function effectively within these constraints unless they operate from the basis of sound, carefully deliberated policy.

This manual has been developed by the ACES Governing Board to help carry out these important responsibilities. Updating is a continuous process.

Policies and administrative procedures have been organized in this manual into seven series and two appendices. 

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