Assisting school districts with the challenging task of security and safety. 

ACES Security Services are unique in experience and expertise.  It brings a special lens to educators and to their work in schools that support effective collaboration with law enforcement, emergency medical, and fire responders. School environments that include teachers, staff, families, and administrators work directly with the ACES Security Director to broaden perspective, advance awareness, and grow sustainable practices. 

ACES Security offers specific security services including: 

  • Comprehensive School Review of a learning environment, including its current security structure and access control 
  • Staff Training - Emergency response procedures and situational awareness
  • Special Education response planning for individual needs-based programs 
  • Development of Emergency Response Plans and Crisis Management Plans 
  • Central Office Coordination including coordination with municipal levels 
  • Safety-Security Audits - Investigation of a facility to enhance cultural practices and communication 
  • Consulting and Management 
  • Tiered Communication Design and PIO (Public Information Officer) procedures