Visiting Scholars

For professionals seeking to advance their growth and career while ultimately enhancing student achievement and global perspectives in a learning community and institution. Visiting Scholars participate in a research and exchange program that connects them to institutions and experienced professionals in the field.


Creating Global Opportunities

At ACES International, we create global opportunities that help bring learning communities together. Through dynamic design, we foster the development of understanding and mutual respect within communities and between nations by promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences. In doing so, we help to give students, educators, and aspiring professionals from across the world skills that make them active and responsible global citizens.

We accomplish this by:

  • Offering comprehensive programs and services available to educators.
  • Assembling the greatest resources in our partnered countries and the most committed, experienced, and passionate staff in the field.
  • Working to ensure that each opportunity and experience informs perspective and expands the horizons of all stakeholders.

Field Study Abroad

An exclusive translational study tour for educators seeking enrichment, growth, and adventure that brings global competency into classrooms and learning communities. ACES International facilitates and hosts an all-inclusive journey through thousands of years of history in a destination country to highlight the educational system and cultural arts. With key destinations in each of our field study countries, we inspire you as this learning experience is nothing short of comprehensive and well maneuvered by your host.


Purpose of the ACES International Educators Field Study

  • Advance our awareness of a country’s culture through its Educational System, Arts, History, Cuisine, Language, and People;
  • Provide enhanced professional opportunities for educators and aspiring educators;
  • Deepen multicultural ad multinational awareness through commonalities;
  • Experience relevance and global perspectives through experiential learning;
  • Participate in hands-on learning educational opportunities;
  • Build new friendships and collegial ties;
  • Make relevant connections between cultures to promote world citizenry in the 21st Century