ACES Security works with all ACES schools and programs, as well as ACES partner districts, bringing a depth and breadth of work experience to an extensive range of stakeholders in public education.  

Jason Hiruo is Director of Security for ACES (Area Cooperative Educational Services) located in North Haven, Connecticut. Mr. Hiruo is an education specialist with concentrations in emergency operation planning and response, and educational project development. He brings to his work an extensive background in school security and emergency response training that include trainer certifications from FEMA, DHS, CERT, and ARC. Mr. Hiruo held a position with the Washington Security Advisory Council for U.S. Schools in Washington DC (2013-2017) that addresses emergency response and procedural safeguards for American school standards. Mr. Hiruo presently maintains an advisory role on the Security Council with a select team of school administrators that share a unique training background, as well as personal work experience specific to national tragedies that each of them were engaged in. Mr. Hiruo brings this unique and relevant experience into his work with communities. ACES Security assists school districts to support planning and prevention, communications, command structures, and assessment.