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Participant Space is Limited
The ALL-INCLUSIVE Price of the AI Field Study abroad includes (Final Payment due before June 15, 2018):
• 4-5 star luxury hotels in China and Thailand with full American and Asian cuisine breakfasts.
• Chinese visa and handling fees; *Visa fees may be subject to change due to U.S. Consulate Policies.
• Economy-class flights, round-trip
• All China domestic intra-city airfare, train fares, and/or chartered buses as specified in the itinerary.
• All entrance fees, meals, English-speaking guides; Historians; Private Bus Driver
• Three meals each day, including one beverage, (Additional beverages are the expense of participant).
• Cultural Preparation Workshops on introductory language, societal expectations, etiquette, and travel planning.
Educators practicing calligraphy Chinese Temple group of women taking a selfie
Total Cost is determined by Double or Single Occupancy Hotel Room (Final Payment due before June 15, 2018).
Double Room Occupancy
(July 8, 2018 – July 19, 2018)
$3,300.00 per team member
Non-Refundable Security Deposit of $450.00 is included in the total cost.
Single Room Occupancy
(July 8, 2018 – July 19, 2018)
$3,850.00 per individual
Non-Refundable Security Deposit of $450.00 is included in the total cost.
Extended Beijing Tour
(July 19, 2018 - July 21, 2018)
Single Room Occupancy: Add $450.00
Double Room Occupancy: Add $350.00

1st Payment Non-refundable Security Deposit due before December 30, 2017
2nd Payment due before February 15, 2018
3rd Payment due before April 15, 2018
Final Payment due before June 15, 2018


  • All delegates must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after the date of departure from Asia.
    (Without a valid passport, participants may be refused entry at the port of immigration U.S. Policy).
  • Participants with underlying medical issues are strongly advised to consult their physician(s) or a travel
    medicine practitioner well in advance of November deadline to ensure that their travel health needs are met.
  • All participants are advised to purchase travel insurance.

For Questions and Payment - Please Contact The AI Team:

ACES International Field Study 2018
55 Audubon Street, New Haven, CT 06510
(203) 777-5451 (Call for Credit Card Payments)
ACES International is a team of educators dedicated to creating global opportunities that bring learning communities together.


“It is our responsibility to prepare our students for their world.”

Jason Hiruo, Director

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Comprehensive Programming

The AI Field Study is for teachers, administrators, and board members that seek to advance their own growth while ultimately enhancing student achievement and global perspectives in a community.

Participants receive fully inclusive cultural preparation and training seminars leading up to the tour. Preparatory learning allows each participant to deepen understanding and awareness of societal expectations, cultural practices, and knowledge of the educational system. In turn, the educator can focus on their personal experience while abroad rather than being overwhelmed with the unfamiliarity of a society’s culture and practices.

Site visits to campuses, classrooms, and seminars allow participants to connect commonalities to colleagues around the world, identify relevance in the field, and tour learning environments to apply greater understanding.


The ACES International team is a dedicated group of educators dedicated to create global opportunities that help bring learning communities together. We foster the development of understanding and mutual respect within communities by promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences. We help to give students, educators, and aspiring professionals from across the world skills that make them active and responsible global citizens.

The AI Field Study is successful because we:

  • offer a time-tested itinerary with reliable resources and professional network of committed educators;
  • design an experience that prioritizes safety and well-being first;
  • assemble the greatest resources in our partnered countries and the most committed, experienced, and passionate staff in the field;
  • work to ensure that each opportunity and experience informs perspective and expands the horizons of all stakeholders.


The 2018 AI Field Study

will highlight an all-inclusive itinerary that exposes participants to the modern and historical culture of China and Thailand.

Customized for the educator, participants will experience the arts, the cuisine, the people, and the magnitude of China and Thailand in an all-encompassing cultural itinerary. We personalize this with up-close and personal discussions with artists, innovators, city planners, and educational leaders; strolls through the back streets of family neighborhoods, art galleries, and art districts; school site visits; on-your-own time to explore, and historian guided tours.

“I truly enjoyed the field study and found it to have had the perfect balance of educational, social, and cultural experiences.”


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