2018 Summer Arts Institute

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Educational Center for the Arts buildingLocated within the Yale University Campus and The Audubon Arts District, The ACES Educational Center for the Arts (ECA) in New Haven, Connecticut is a public arts high school that enrolls students from 27 districts from around the state.

The ECA Summer Institute provides personalized enrichment experiences for students that are passionate about the arts and motivated to gain life experience for the advancement of their future. Students that come to ECA are motivated and enthusiastic about learning and creative expression. ACES ECA’s unique arts-centered program provides students with the opportunity to develop their innovative and self-expressive skills, while strengthening their ability to communicate and collaborate with peers. ACES ECA utilizes the arts as a vehicle to help students develop as independent thinkers through problem-solving, creative thinking, and the value in individuality. 

students playing the violinStudents from ECA’s international sister-schools will also be participating in this summer enrichment program, providing Connecticut students the opportunity to connect and collaborate with students from around the world, expanding one’s cultural awareness and global competency. This program supports and facilitates interpersonal connections that go beyond one’s borders, while building upon international relevance.

The ACES Educational Center for the Arts is public high school that attracts competitive students throughout Connecticut and around the world. Connecticut and international student applicants seek entry into one of ECA’s five departments: Music; Dance; Theatre; Creative Writing; and Visual Arts. During the academic year, qualifying students balance morning academics with afternoon arts majors to develop a well-prepared, college ready student. During the summer, students from Connecticut and around the world come to ACES ECA to advance their commitment to the arts and take workshops that enhance their skills as creative individuals.

two male studentsThe summer institute provides experiences for students to interact and learn from some of the best arts educators and professionals in the field. Rigorous standards apply and require students to conduct themselves as committed students. International students participate in morning classes and afternoon cultural experiences that include trips to New York City, Boston, Washington DC, college tours, arts performances, Connecticut history tours, museum visits, college readiness workshops, and guest lectures with Yale University representatives, Wesleyan University, New York University, Columbia University, Asia Society, and other prominent education organizations that promote cultural arts and innovation.


The ACES ECA Summer Institute includes:

  • Dormitory residence at Yale University
  • Meal plan of 3 meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • Supervisory staff 24 hours a day
  • 24/7 contact information for families seeking emergency contact to students or ACES ECA staff
  • Airport transportation to and from ACES ECA provided by our contracted travel company and Round-trip economy flight airline reservations managed by our contracted travel company  (Flight and Transportation are included together as a separate cost with Travel Company)
  • Arts instruction through seminar and workshop based classes
  • Cultural experiences throughout Connecticut, including additional trips to NYC, Boston, and Washington DC (DC is an extended, comprehensive tour that is reasonable priced)
  • School Nurse provided during school hours as well as medical care and on-call emergency response when needed
  • WiFi access 
  • Mentorships with our ACES ECA faculty and professional guidance from trained educational staff
  • Physical exercise activities including martial arts, yoga, basketball, soccer, and other outdoor games

This 3 Week Program includes: $6,450.00 per participant
(Cost of flight varies according to country and is not included in the cost of the program)

  • Morning Arts Classes 
  • Afternoon activities and cultural sightseeing experiences
  • Evening social events: movies, ice cream social, shopping, arts performances 
  • Day trip to New York City
  • Overnight trip to Boston
  • Day trip to Connecticut’s oceanfront and beaches
  • Day trip to Connecticut state forest for hiking and barbecue
  • Day trip for college visits

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Payments made to:

ECA Global Summer Institute
55 Audubon Street
New Haven, CT 06510


By Wire Transfer to Wells Fargo Bank, NA: 

Wells Fargo Bank, NA 
420 Montgomery Street, 7th floor
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Swift code: WFBIUS6S 

Account number: 2030000855265 

Account title: Area Cooperative Educational Services-Instructional Account