Educational Technology

Educational Technology works with all ACES schools to provide support for classroom instructional technology integration. The Educational Technology department works with educators to improve student learning through technology.

At ACES, we use the Common Sense Media site to help us learn about Online Safety and Digital Citizenship. There are movie and game reviews for parents and most importantly videos about online safety. There are many parent ideas and student videos for teaching and learning. 

Interdistrict Magnet Schools

ACES Interdistrict Magnet Schools are designed to voluntarily attract students across school districts from diverse backgrounds by offering special, high-quality curriculum. ACES operates three magnet schools:

Pupil Services

ACES Pupil Services department specializes in providing support to students within the educational setting. The Related Services that are provided to the ACES Schools include:

Special Education Schools

ACES Special Education Schools are deigned to meet the unique needs of students with a wide array of developmental and physical disabilities. ACES special education schools implement state of the art assistive technology, equipment and instructional strategies. ACES operates these special education schools: