A disciplined art based format is used as a standard guide and lessons are developed in a cross curricula fashion.  In the art room students will be introduced to art mediums, make connections to art history, have literature supplements provided to them and be able to express themselves visually.  The art room is equipped with a kiln thus making clay work very popular and therapeutic to Mill Road students.  Students learn the fundamentals of art elements and principles, are exposed to multiple mediums, learn to use the creative process as a strategy for personal growth and learn to communicate thoughts and ideas visually.     

Each student is provided a workbook that compiles information on units of learning, provides self expression and is a yearly portfolio of student learning.  

Students receive art 45 minutes every six days.  Students who wish can utilize their free time at the end of the day and attend art activity where they can explore areas to their individual interests that are outside the classroom units.

At the end of every school year an exhibit of student work is featured at the Mill Road School Museum of Fine ART.  Students end the year with this “field trip” style museum tour to reactivate previous learning, celebrate their accomplishments and share visual artifacts with the whole of Mill Road.  Parents are encouraged to visit the museum and share in their child’s artistic accomplishments.