The Academy 2 team is made up of five classrooms with seventh and eighth graders.  Most students transition for all subjects (Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science.)  In Language Arts, students read fiction and informational texts.  They practice writing informative essays, narrative essays and arguments.  Most Academy 2 students participate as reading buddies with primary students.

Math classes are small so that students can increase their skills. A variety of activities allow students to increase their math skills, become comfortable with problem solving, and meet the Common Core standards. Science units this year include: properties of matter, the human body, and heredity and genetics.  This year’s Social Studies curriculum involves World History and cultures. Students review geography, map, and time line skills as well as learn history. Science and Social Studies classes include the use of technology and hands-on projects to increase student learning.

Students also participate in weekly Social Work groups, Fun Friday activities, special reinforcements, and sports.  In the spring, our eighth graders have opportunities to explore high school options.