Primary 2 is comprised of approximately 38 students that range in age from seven to ten years old and are in grades two - four.  We have five special education teachers and five teacher assistants.  We teach all academic areas including language arts, math, science and social studies.  All students also have time with their social workers, who address anger management and stress reduction. Every student in our team follows a behavior management program.  This program is based on positive reinforcement and consequences for both good and inappropriate school behavior.  This program follows the children from the time they get on their vans to the moment they get home. One of our classes has a special focus. This class is called the Trying All I can to Learn (TAIL) Program.  Within this classroom, new techniques are being implemented to assist the students throughout the day in building connections, developing a community that supports their social, emotional and academic growth.  The students assigned to this class have experienced significant trauma in their lives.