School nurses care for kids

  • The state of Connecticut requires all students to have: up-to-date Immunizations and Physical exam upon entry to kindergarten and during sixth grade. (Student may not begin seventh grade without completed physical form from primary care provider.)
  • Sports: In order to participate, students grades 6-8 need updated physical exam each year.
  • Injuries: Nurse will administer first aid if a child is injured at school. Parent/guardian is responsible to provide further treatment of follow up with primary care provider if necessary.
  • Medical restriction from physical education: Doctor’s note is required for student to be excused from gym, and to return to gym after problem is resolved.
  • Medication may be administered by nurse during school hours, provided we have written authorization from doctor, signed by parent/guardian. Medication must be brought to school in the original container from the pharmacy, and delivered and received by an adult. Students may not carry medication on themselves or in their back pack during the school day. Please speak to the nurse before sending any medication (including over-the-counter) to school.
  • Health Screenings will take place during the school year, as required by the State of Connecticut. The nurse will inform parent/guardian if a student does not pass a screening. Screening schedule by grade: Vision and Hearing: K, 1, 3, 4. Postural: 5 and 7 - girls only.
  • Allergies: Students with life-threatening allergies need an Allergy Plan (signed by doctor and parent) and epipen in the nurses’ office. These are required for participation in field trips.
  • ACES Allergy Plan: Parents and students should not bring food to school for anyone but themselves. Students are asked to minimize bringing nuts or nut products to school. Students may not share or trade food. Our policy does not allow food sent from home for classroom celebrations or parties.
  • Asthma: Students with asthma need an Asthma Plan (signed by doctor and parent) and inhaler in the nurses’ office. These are required for participation in field trips.
  • Illness:  Please communicate with the school nurse if your child is ill.  Students with vomiting or fever 100 degrees or higher should be kept home for 24 hours after symptoms subside. 

If you or your health care provider have any questions please contact the health office at (203) 234-0303.  Fax: (203) 239-5730

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