The therapeutic goal of the music program at Mill Road School is to give students the tools to appropriately express themselves through music; music is a safe and non-judgmental outlet for the students. We also address positive social skills and decision making.

The educational goal is to teach students how to read music. 

Primary 1 – students learns to identify and play the beat and rhythm as well as identify instruments by name.  We also sing songs that assist the students with curriculum they are learning in their classroom (ex. Letter sounds, days of the week, counting, etc.)

Primary 2 – students begin to read music notes and perform on various instruments.  They continue to learn to identify instruments by name and play them appropriately.

Primary 3 – students begin to read higher level music notes and play music that has multiple groups playing at the same time.  This year as they learn about Colonial Times in social studies we will also learn music from that time period.

Academy 1 & 2 – students begin to read music on the staff, they learn to read and perform music rhythmically and melodically.  This year students will trace the lineage of American Music History as it aligns with their social studies classes.  They will start with music from slavery and end with popular music today. 

At Mill Road School all students attend music with their homerooms once every 6 days.  Students also have an opportunity to come to music every day at 2pm as an earned reinforcement.