The Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment supports the ACES schools and programs.


Identify and develop innovative, research-based, accessible curriculum and instructional resources, with meaningful assessments in collaboration with district-wide educators that will support the variability of learning styles of our educational community, so that each learner may develop their capacity to access any local or global learning opportunities they choose.


We believe that each student must be provided with the tools necessary to be able to fully engage in educational experiences within the context of the school or the community, achieve their life goals, and become Expert Learners. Therefore, the vision of the Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment at ACES is to provide accessible, innovative, relevant, research-based learning resources that will empower the professionals in the agency and meet the current and future learning needs for all members of our educational community in support of the continued success of the agency.

Major strategies to accomplish what is above are:

  • Collaborative and inclusive curriculum and assessment design
  • Regular review of curriculum and assessment
  • Identification, review, analysis and implementation support of best practices
  • Providing and participating in professional learning experiences

Contact Information

William A. Rice

Assistant Executive Director,
Schools & Curriculum

Joanna Dorne

Curriculum Coordinator K-12,
English/Language Arts

Anne Pember, Ed.D.

Curriculum Coordinator K-12, Mathematics