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  • Who will this new program serve?

    The ACES at Mead School (AMS) program will help students in kindergarten to 6th grade whose emotional, behavioral or developmental needs cannot be met in a traditional school setting.

  • How many students are anticipated to be in this program?

    Initially, the number is at 3. The small intensive setting that is needed to support the students limits the class size to approximately 6-8 students per classroom. The overall capacity of the program will be approximately 30-40 students.

  • What are the new program’s benefits?

    The students in the program will receive instruction and support in a specialized small classroom setting specifically established for this program. The students will get the benefit of attending classes with their Mead School peers during physical education, art, special programs, events, and lunch. It also allows students to be closer to home and reduce time in transportation to attend school.  Also, families with students that qualify and have regular education students will be able to conveniently have all their children in one place.

  • What makes ACES at Mead School distinct and different?

    Besides the years of experience in this field and area of education, this ACES program is unique because it will be the first ACES school developed and operated in a primarily regular education setting. This will allow the (AMS) students to have access to their non-identified peers. ACES believes that this will allow for opportunities for AMS students to apply the skills they learn in a traditional classroom setting which we believe will accelerate the learning process. A major bonus is that this model will allow AMS students and Mead school students to learn from one another.

  • What does the ACES at Mead School program offer?

    The program focuses on academics with a full range of art, physical education, and other activities with Mead School students. It will provide its students with additional support and strategies to enable them to excel and be successful. Appropriate students will be identified and placed into the program through a collaborative process with ACES staff and the district staff.

  • Is the program open only to students currently enrolled at Mead School?

    No, the ACES at Mead School program is open to all Ansonia students who are recommended after the collaborative review process is completed. The program will also be open for enrollment by students from surrounding towns.

  • How do I know if my child would benefit from this program and how can I learn more?

    Parents should talk with their child’s teacher and your district’s special education director. Information on the ACES at Mead School program is available on the Ansonia and ACES websites (www.aces.org) as well as in the Mead School Principal’s office, Superintendent’s Office and at ACES. 

  • Where can I learn more about ACES?

    ACES has a wide variety of school programs and services to help Connecticut school districts. To learn more, go to www.aces.org/mead.

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