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Mill Academy and TEMS - Creating for a Cause

April 8th, 2020

3-D Printer at Work

Fran Castiello at Mill Academy has been using one of the Mill Academy's 3-D printers to create the face shields that are used by medical professionals to protect them from the virus as they treat patients in the field.  These blue shields are personal protection equipment that the state is desperately in need of the number of positive cases rise daily.

-Mill Academy Printer
-Mill Academy Finished Product

TEMS Also Giving Back

Staff at Thomas Edison have also been creating for a cause. Caitlin Lombardi shared with us that they were able to set up and and run 3-D printers from TEMS. Ian Ally-Seals worked with Fran Castiello (above) to get the STL file for the face shields. He also spoke to a friend of his who is working in the COVID-19 unit at Hartford Hospital who are in desperate need for the connectors that attach to the face masks at the back of the head to save your ears.  Each one only takes about 25 minutes to print.  Ian is working on getting as many as possible printed to donate directly to Hartford Hospital. 

-TEMS Printer
-TEMS Finished Product

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