ACES Educational Center for the Arts' (ACES ECA) mission is to provide high school students with the experience of studying the fine arts with practicing professional artists, stimulating a life-long curiosity for learning and a passion for the arts.

ECA is nestled in the heart of New Haven’s Audubon Arts District and since 1973 has been a leader in fostering the education of emerging artists as they develop their unique voices. High school students from over twenty-five school districts attend ECA in the afternoon to study creative writing, dance, music, theatre and visual arts with professional artists.


ACES ECA seeks students from a diversity of cultural backgrounds, experiences and interests in the arts. The course work provides for a balance of honors level training in technical skills and imaginative and creative skills - challenging each student to create works of their own design, to perform those works and the works of others, and to evaluate this work. Classroom experiences encourage students to develop an understanding of how their art form relates to other art forms. In addition, students receive career and college information and guidance.

The value of the ACES ECA program lies in its unique ability to bring together students who are highly motivated to achieve. This extraordinary student body taught by a faculty comprised of practicing, professional artists creates a school environment that is productive, stimulating and exciting. ECA students are recognized on a national and regional level for their successes and achievements. Through the years, ECA graduates have gone on to become professional artists and teachers in the arts. Others live richer and more productive lives due to this early, intensive arts training - practicing the arts as an avocation and acting as life-long supporters of the arts in their communities.

Our school is expanding to include global programming and international experience. Sister schools and professional partnerships will extend to Asia and Europe over the next two years. All classrooms possess and incorporate Smart Board technology into instruction.

To apply to ECA or to set up a visit to our school, please visit our Admissions Page or call 203-777-5451

ACES Educational Center for the Arts inspires, educates, and fully prepares our students to become exceptional artists and global citizens.

At ACES ECA, multicultural education and arts education are highly compatible and complementary. One of the most effective ways to actualize multicultural education is through the arts.

At ACES ECA, arts education creates a forum for awareness and change. The three elements of global citizenship education (multicultural literacy, global citizenship, and social justice) influence and teach students to know, to care, and to act in order to make the world more just and humane:  ultimately, defining a student’s role of identity in culture.  In the 21st century, our students identify with a new kind of citizenship, which ACES ECA has evolved with, naturally embedding into their school culture - multicultural citizenship. It recognizes and legitimizes the right and need of citizens (our students) to maintain commitments both to their cultural communities and to the national civic culture.

Multicultural education through the arts help students to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and values needed to participate in a nation that fosters civic equality for all groups, but also simply develops empathy in our future leaders and global citizens. This important aim of ACES ECA helps our students develop global identifications and a deep understanding of the need to take action as citizens of the global community to help solve the world's difficult global problems. Cultural, national, and global experiences and identifications are interactive in a dynamic learning experience that ACES ECA provides through global experiences, artistic innovation, and teacher-led mentoring that symbiotically prioritize problem-solving, collaboration, and critical sharing.

To develop cultural, national and global identifications, students acquire the skills and mindset to function within and across diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, language and religious groups amongst their peers. Because of the growing ethnic, cultural, racial, language and religious diversity throughout the world and at ACES ECA, multicultural education through the arts and global citizenry supports our students to function effectively in the 21st century, making major contributions to prepare them to be thoughtful and active artistic intellectuals.