Specialized Courses of Study for Students with Targeted Interests

A magnet school is a public school which offers specialized courses or curricula. The word “magnet” refers to how these schools draw students from across normal town or school district boundaries. The magnet schools of ACES were created to provide more precise, in-depth study in a critical subject area of strong interest and value to southeastern Connecticut students. Educational research shows that many students with special interest and aptitude in one area, such as art or science, experience much greater academic achievement and social development at a magnet school.


Educational Center for the Arts

Teaching Art for Life.
Location: New Haven
Grades: 9-12

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Thomas Edison Middle School

Inspiring Lifelong Learning through Science, Math and Technology.
Location: Meriden
Grades: 6-8

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Wintergreen Interdistrict Magnet School

A Caring, Learning Community Defining our Present, Preparing our Future.
Location: Hamden
Grades: K-8

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All ACES magnet schools schedule regular tours.
Contact your local Board of Education or the ACES school office for the upcoming tours.