ECA Global Engagement

Please visit the attached pages and the following links to learn about our newest initiative:  International Student Enrollment at ACES Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven welcoming students from around the world to study academics and the arts in a professional college-like setting.

ACES ECA International Admissions Pamphlet

Welcoming International Students to ACES ECA

ACES ECA Application for International Enrollment 2017-18

Important Information for Completion by International Families

In our pursuit to connect culture to the arts, ACES ECA looks to engage international schools and projects on a global scale. We pursue this to enhance our student learning experiences, making these connections more relevant in the arts, and expanding the awareness of the world’s cultures. We prepare our students as contributing members of the future. Developing real-world, intercultural experiences allows us to further enhance critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills, self-advocacy, initiative, inquiry, self-reliance, and most importantly- a life’s pursuit of learning in our students.

As we further develop our programming, ECA is highly motivated and interested in connecting to international colleagues, professionals, and schools throughout the world. We prioritize learning for both our students and staff equally. In turn, we encourage teacher and professional exchange to benefit the growth of colleagues and students alike as we focus on arts and cultural connections.

The National German Youth Orchestra Visit to Educational Center for The Arts on September 8, 2016.

The students toured ECA, visited classes, shadowed students and staff, and provided an evening performance in ECA’s Arts Hall.

International collaboration between the Munich organization and ECA is underway.
For further information on ECA’s Global Projects, please contact

Read all about ECA's April 2016 Student Exchange to our sister schools in Shanghai and Beijing!

ECA Global 2016 Student Exchange to China

View the Photo Gallery of ECA's April 2016 Student Exchange to China by clicking below:

ECA Global 2016 Photo Gallery Student Exchange to China

View the video "ECA Goes to China 2016" below:



ECA Global China Exchange March 2015

ECA Faculty Global China Exchange April 2015

2nd Annual PACE Gala!

Wish Upon A Star Fundraising Benefit Dinner


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International Host Family Program

  • If you are interested in learning more about ECA's international host family program, please email ECA is investigating the potential for a semester long exchange program with our sister schools in Shanghai, Kyoto, and Sydney. Participating host families would receive a monthly stipend of $850.

Sister Cities International Global Arts and Literary Contest

Each year, Sister Cities International - the Young Artists and Authors Showcase - encourages youth from around the globe to express the mission of Sister Cities International through original artwork and literature. All students must submit their work based on a designated theme that is announced each year. Artwork is sent from member cities to Washington, D.C. where a panel of judges selects the winners based on originality, composition, and theme interpretation.

This year, a collaborative partner of ECA Global Projects -  Sister Cities International ( sponsors a Global Arts and Literary Contest. Each member City (New Haven) is allowed to submit ONE entry for a juried $1,000 prize. The requirement is that the student be between 13 and 18 years old (except for the Photography and Film category…see attached explanation) and either be a student in New Haven (ECA) or live in New Haven.

The submissions (mid-March) will be on view in New Haven and the jury will announce the winning entry from New Haven. ECA will be working with New Haven officials so that all entries (including poetry entries) will be digitized and projected next August on the public buildings surrounding the historic Green during the city’s annual celebration of Global Music Month. We are working in collaboration with New Haven planners for next year’s four concerts (Saturday evenings): Mexico, Puerto Rico, Opera (Italy) and Jazz (America’s gift to the world). The winner will be recognized at the concerts and the art work beautifully and powerfully displayed on our buildings after dusk for all to enjoy. This is truly an opportunity for ECA students. 

For further information please visit the following link:




Submission Details














  •  1  Piece of art on behalf of their community
  •  1  Piece of art on behalf of each of their sister city communities
  • Art must be two dimensional, unframed, and no larger than 24in. x 36in. No photography. Media of all other types are encouraged, including pencil, ink, paint, prints, collage, mixed media, etc.



To local

 Sister Cities

March 31



May 1




  • 500 words or less
  • Multiple entries are allowed for sister city members and their international city partners.  However, please limit five entries per classroom.



May 1




  • 200 words or less
  • Same as above for essays



May 1











  • Must be submitted through Instagram and must include @SisterCitiesInt, #YAAS2017, and the city, state, and country where the photographer is from(New Haven) in the phot0’s caption to qualify.
  • Multiple entries are allowed per student



May 1




  • Short films 1-10 minutes in length
  • Films shot in color or black and white; documentary, fiction, and/or animation are all eligible.
  • Film entries must be submitted via Cinequest. A link to submit can be found at



May 1





  • 1 US Artist $1000
  • 1 International Artist $1000
  • 1 Poet $1000
  • 1 Essayist $1000
  • 1 Photographer $1000
  • 1 Filmmaker $1000




  • 5 US Finalists – Artist Category
  • 5 International Finalists – Artist Category
  • 2 Poetry Finalists
  • 2 Essay Finalists
  • 5 US Finalists – Photography Category
  • 5 International Finalists -  Photography Category
  • 1 Finalist – Film Category


























ACES International Center for Education & Services (AI)

ACES International Center for Education & Services (AI) is new initiative that will provide professional and program development services internationally. The ACES International initiative strives to create an effective global learning environment by providing broad support for Global Engagement, International – Transcultural Learning, Professional Guidance, Administrative Oversight and Program Development.  Please click on the links below for further information.

ACES International Brochure

ACES International Website

Professional Learning Intensive
with Field Study in China



Shanghai Theatre Academy Plans for their July 2016 visit to ECA

Principal Ying-Xiao of Shanghai Theatre Academy Affiliated High School prepares faculty and staff members for their upcoming exchange visit to ECA scheduled for July, 2016.  We look forward to their arrival this summer!