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ACES Open Choice: Connecting Students, Families, Schools, and Districts to New Academic and Life Opportunities

March 2nd, 2017





March 2, 2017

Branford, North Branford, & Northford

Vol. XXI  Iss. 9


ACES Open Choice: Connecting Students, Families, Schools, and Districts to New Academic and Life Opportunities


Press release from ACES 

While the goals of ACES Open Choice are to reduce racial, ethnic, and economic isolation and to increase academic achievement, the benefits are greater.  As a result of being part of the Open Choice program, connections are made between students, families, schools, districts, and ACES Open Choice staff.

As Beth Bernstein, Open Choice coordinator for North Branford High School said, "I am a better person for knowing these students.  They have taught me invaluable life lessons.  It is truly a pleasure to work with the Open Choice students every day."

The ACES Open Choice program started in 1998 with 18 districts and 160 students.  Currently, 469 students representing 14 districts and 58 schools are enrolled.  ACES Open Choice program enables New Haven families to send their children to schools with openings in the suburbs, and for families in the suburbs to send their children to schools with openings in New Haven.

"The Open Choice program not only enriches our student population, but also the entire staff of the North Branford Public School system.  We're honored to be a part of a collaborative program that provides a platform for student growth.  I continue to be impressed with the success rate of our Choice students and their commitment and willingness to prepare themselves for college and career opportunities," stated North Branford Superintendent of Schools, Scott Schoonmaker.

Students' positive academic experience in the Open Choice program has provided a solid foundation for growth and future academic success; 97 percent of Open Choice graduates have gone on to higher education programs and professional careers in medicine, law, and other fields.

The Open Choice program is also about exploring new communities, meeting new people, and expanding world views.

Deborah, an Open Choice parent whose son attends Branford Public Schools, said, "My family has the fortune of participating in the ACES Open Choice program.  Our son is simply blossoming in the school and sporting activities this program affords him.  Our family lives in downtown New Haven and was placed by Open Choice in the Branford Public School system.  Our son gets the best of two worlds: residing in a city, while being schooled in a suburban setting.  We firmly believe that we've given our son the opportunity to make informed decisions about his future.  We are eternally grateful for the ACES Open Choice program."

"ACES Open Choice program is a great step in helping people from different communities come to know and value each other.  We, at ACES, appreciate all who have been involved with the program for so long," stated ACES Executive Director Dr. Thomas Danehy.

For more information, contact Lynn Bailey at 203-498-6843 or lbailey@aces.org or visit www.aces.org/openchoice.


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