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ECA Visual Arts Alum Raheem "Ra" Nelson illustrates 'Sweetie Bake Your Day'!

Read the full New Haven Independent article by clicking the following link:

ECA Theatre Alum Lauren Ambrose to debut as Eliza Doolittle in Lincoln Center Theater's Spring 2018 revival of 'My Fair Lady!'  Read the full NYT article below:

Lauren Ambrose who will play Eliza & Harry Hadden-Paton who will play Henry Higgins 



From ECA Theatre Alum "The Other Will Farrell"

Synopsis: The other Will Farrell is a person, too. He’s a serious thespian, and he’s sick of living in that other guy’s shadow. THE OTHER WILL FARRELL documents actor Will Farrell’s life, relationship and career catastrophes as he battles to establish his own, unique career and his own, unique identity.

Without further ado, below are links to the completed series, "The Other Will Farrell". I hope you enjoy. 
The site: http://www.theotherwillfarrell.com/
The trailer: http://www.theotherwillfarrell.com/trailer.html
The episodes: http://www.theotherwillfarrell.com/episodes.html