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Tablets, iPads, computers, laptops, cell phones. These are all pieces of technology we (and our children) are using on a day to day basis. Whether it be for work, school, or leisure purposes, use of technological devices has become second nature for many of us. Since technology plays such a major role in our children’s lives, it’s important to use it appropriately and beneficially to maximize learning experiences and skill development.


Handwriting Apps

Not only are these apps extremely interactive, most of them also teach proper letter formation, which may help increase handwriting legibility and/or speed.

  • Writing Wizard - $4.99
  • LetterSchool – $9.99
  • Handwriting Without Tears - $4.99
  • iWriteWords - $2.99
  • Letter Reflex - $3.99
  • Tap Typing - $3.99
  • Word Burst - FREE


More Apps by Category

Fine Motor

  • Dexteria - $5.99
  • Dexteria Jr. - $3.99


Visual Motor/Visual Perception

  • My First Tangrams -$0.99
  • LittleFinder – FREE


Visual Schedules/Self-Regulation

  • Choiceworks - $6.99
  • Social Story Creator and Library – FREE



  • SuperStretch – FREE
  • Cosmic Kids - FREE



We all know how important movement is for development. Luckily, with the help of YouTube, you can create structured movement opportunities by looking up videos online. Check out these movement programs through YouTube!

  • GoNoodle
  • Brain Breaks
  • The Learning Station
  • Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel 


Tips When Using iPad/Tablet

  • Use a short stylus to promote mature grasp
  • Lay on stomach when using
  • Use a case that allows iPad/tablet screen to be propped up
  • Use “guided access” to block use of inappropriate programs
  • Set a time limit for use
  • Establish clear rules before using device


Talk to Your Child’s Teachers

Many times, apps are available for free that teachers are using to help learning in class. Download these apps on your device at home for consistent carry-over of reading, math, and other educational skills!


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Information Compiled by Melissa Lavorgna, MOT, OTR/L


This information is also available as a downloadable handout.