EPFP provides a forum for developing advanced leadership skills in CT educators and leaders from related fields.

Specifically, EPFP builds leaders’ capacity to:

  • Actively participate with local, regional and/or national stakeholders and policymakers in community and state/ national organizations.
  • Proactively engage and collaborate with key stakeholders to influence federal, state and local decisions that impact equity and excellence in education.

Through monthly seminars, two national experiences, and a policy project, EPFP fellows:

  • Develop a broadened understanding of education policy and politics, particularly in self-identified areas of focus
  • Enhance their communication skills
  • Refine their potential for leadership
  • Expand their network of professional colleagues within and outside of the education sector

Benefit to Employers

Employers gain:

  • Access to a professional program with a proven track record and which directly supports the development of educational leaders
  • Informed leaders prepared to assume more complex leadership responsibilities
  • Expanded networks that enhance your organization’s ability to access and influence key leaders and decision-makers who shape policy in Connecticut on behalf of children and education.

The EPFP Difference

EPFP is different from other leadership development programs. It focuses on developing leadership and knowledge directly related to education policy.  EPFP is supported by a national and state network of highly accomplished professionals with expertise in research, policy development, and effective practice in education, child development, health, and human services.  CT EPFP fellows, during monthly meetings, have opportunities to work with representatives and key policymakers from state government, community non-profit and advocacy organizations, and the education sector. These individuals lead seminars, skill development workshops, and discussions that explore major education policy issues for Connecticut and the country and about how to influence related politics and policy. Participation in the Washington Policy Seminar increases Fellows' knowledge of national policy issues and processes and gives them a chance to explore the impact of national policy on their own professional practice.