SAT/ACT Prep Course

ACES has partnered with EdgePrepLIVE to provide students with an award-winning test prep course. EdgePrepLIVE's test prep course gives students the instruction and curriculum to dramatically increase their score on either the SAT or ACT Exam. The course includes a four-hour live, online class, which teaches students the essential test prep strategies. Students are then assigned a custom study plan using The Edge's award-winning curriculum, which they have 30-days of unlimited access to. Professional instructors monitor student performance and check in regularly to ensure they are tracking to the prescribed plan.Typically, students that take this course can expect to see an addition of 100 points to their SAT score for every ten hours of curriculum completed. So, if a student is seeking to increase their SAT score by 240, they should attend the four hour class and work through 20 hours of The Edge's award-winning curriculum.

For further information or to register for a test prep class go to:

ACES EdgePrep Information and Registration Website