A look at changing contingencies affecting behavior analysts during the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to our Professional and Ethical Compliance code.  Using the current dilemma and historical examples, general issues of practicality, ethicality, and compassion will be considered with respect to clinical responsibilities, varying ethical positions, and moral principles of healthcare delivery.  Derived from these, a framework for ethical decision-making using seven key questions will be presented and illustrated across multiple case scenarios.

BACB CEs:  2.0 (ethics)

  James A. Hoko, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA, LABA
                      Carrie Hartman, M.S., BCBA, LBA

Cost:  FREE (without CEUs),  $19 (with CEUs*) 



Receiving very positive reviews subsequent to the original live presentations on May 6th and May 14th, we have decided to make this webinar universally available in recorded format using the registration link below.

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*CEUs are contingent upon viewing the entire webinar and submitting the full text answers to each of the poll questions presented throughout the webinar.  The answers must be submitted via email to Missy St. Peter ( immediately after viewing the webinar.  Subsequent to receiving the submitted answers, we will provide information on how to submit the $19 administrative fee through PayPal.  A PDF copy of the CEU Certificate will be provided as soon as possible, subsequent to receipt of payment.  Please note that the certificate’s “Date of Issue” will be the date of webinar registration.*