Whether you need to recover lost credit or want access to coursework to counter learning loss, ACES Summer Academy has the solution. Our program pairs students with an ACES mentor, utilizes a state-certified virtual instructor, a success coach, a concept coach, and Edgenuity's research-based online learning system to meet the unique needs of any student.

Summer Academy Fast Facts

  • Grade Levels: 9th–12th Grades
  • Dates: July 6–August 13
  • Early Access: June 29th
  • All content delivered online via Edgenuity
  • Students will work with their virtual instructor and mentor to build a schedule that will allow them to successfully complete the coursework by the end date.

Personalized Learning You Can Trust

  • Accredited: Credit from district guaranteed prior to registration
  • Customized: Customizable options and modifications to support students' needs
  • Personalized: Interactive, individualized learning with personalized support
  • Certified: CT-Certified Teachers
  • Convenient: All courses are offered virtually online 

Comprehensive Course Offerings

Catch up on credits or enrich your learning with Credit Recovery or Learning Loss (Enrichment) courses in:

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Full Course Listing


Credit Recovery & Learning Loss (Enrichment)

$195 PER COURSE - Available courses include: English Language Arts 9-12, Algebra I & II, Concepts in Probability and Statistics, Geometry, Mathematical Models with Applications, Precalculus, and Trigonometry.

A reduced rate of $175.00 per course is available for students eligible for free/reduced lunch.

Available Courses

Full Edgenuity course descriptions are available here.

English Lang Arts

- English Lang Arts 9
- English Lang Arts 10
- English Lang Arts 11
- English Lang Arts 12


- Algebra I
- Algebra II
- Geometry
- Precalculus


- Biology
- Chemistry
-  Physics

Social Studies

- Human Geography
- Modern World History
- Survey of World History
- U.S. Government
 - U.S. History I
- U.S. History II

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