Get Ready for a Summer of Fun and Learning!

Kick off your summer with ACES! Make new friends, pursue your passion, and explore your world with unique learning opportunities from ACES Summer Academy, ACES International Summer Arts Camp, and ACES International Summer STEAM Camp.

ACES Summer Academy

Whether you need a math credit for graduation, or want to try a foreign language class over the summer, ACES Summer Academy has the solution. Our blended learning program utilizes Edgenuity's research-based online learning system to meet the unique needs of any student.  Register now and take control of your summer!

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ACES International Summer Arts Camp

The ACES International Summer Arts Camp is a unique and comprehensive camp experience providing participants with arts, learning, and intercultural experiences with students from Connecticut and abroad. Instruction is provided by ACES Educational Center for the Arts (ECA), professional faculty instructors. A low student-teacher ratio ensures individualized learning in a supportive, social, and encouraging environment.

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ACES International Summer STEAM Camp

This comprehensive camp experience provides student participants with learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math concepts. The daily schedule blends learning and hands-on activities with intercultural experiences with students from Connecticut and abroad. Led by TEMS educators, have fun conducting experiments on the beach and in local parks to learn about the local ecology, various species of animals and plants, and explore how they are thriving in local habitats.

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