Acceptance into Mill Elementary School is done in conjunction with the district PPT process by the student’s home district. We accept students based on district referral from the PPT team. Referrals are initially sent to the Director of ACES Pupil Services who forwards them to the appropriate program. After receiving a referral, programs will review the records and, if appropriate, schedule an intake tour and assessment. Following this assessment, the Mill Road School educational team will meet to determine if the student’s needs can be met within our program. 

How to Make a Referral

When making a referral to ACES, we will need the following information in the referral packet:

  1. Copy of most current IEP
  2. Current contact information for Parent/Guardian
  3. Most recent evaluations (e.g. achievement, psychological, psychiatric, FBA, etc.)
  4. Most recent physical examination form
  5. Immunization Information/State of Connecticut Department of Education Health Assessment Record
    Note: Front page of the Cumulative Health Record if the Education Health Assessment Record is not submitted
  6. Agency contacts information when applicable (e.g. Probation officer, DCF Worker, DDS Worker)
  7. Referrals are mailed to:
    Eric Protulis
    ACES Director of Pupil Services
    205 Skiff Street
    Hamden, CT 06517
  8. Building Administration or designee will coordinate intake meetings and start dates.
  9. Contact Eric Protulis at (203) 498-6849 or with any additional questions or immediate needs.

Department Chair Contact Information





Salvatore Bruzzese


Social Work

Laurie Savastano-Bova



Julie Michaelson


Occupational Therapy

Michelle Metzger


Occupational Therapy

Amy Timothy


Physical Therapy

Janet Edgren


Speech Language

Maureen Maher