Standards-Based Grading

ACES and Thomas Edison Middle School believe that report cards need to communicate what students are expected to know and be able to do both academically and behaviorally. This new system is aligned to the Common Core State Standards, the CT State Standards, and the ACES curricula. This standards-based report card allows us to define the target standards for each grade and determine to what degree students are progressing toward them.

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How does the standards-based report card compare to the letter grade system?

Letter grades measure how well students do in comparison to their classmates. The standards-based report card measures how well an individual student is doing in relation to the grade level standards and the School Wide Expectations.  This gives parents a more accurate picture of their child's strenths and weaknesses in each subject.

How are the standards determined?

Subject area standardsare set for each grade level by the Common Core Standards and the CT Department of Education. A student's ability to meet the learning standards will be determined by both their oral and written work.

Behavioral standards were modeled after the School Wide Expectations as well as the common routines and procedures to which students must adhere to ensure academic success. The behaviors being assessed are  Effective Use of technology, Homework, Daily Class Performance, and School Wide Expectations.

Each student will receive a grade for each of the subject areas and behavioral standards. 


School Wide Expectations