Inclement Weather Scenarios


In the event of school cancellation due to inclement weather, families will receive an automated phone call from the building principal via School Messenger. Please note: It is important that the phone number and other contact information on Power School is up-to-date as this is the information which will be used for automated phone calls through School Messenger.  In the event of an emergency closing during the school day, an automated telephone call will be made to designated contact numbers to notify parents that their children will be coming home early.  The time of the emergency closing will depend on weather conditions and/or other emergency factors.  It is recommended that parents should discuss contingency plans with their children for emergency closings. 

During school days, become a weather watcher to be aware of weather forecasts. In the event of predicted inclement weather causing the delay of school opening or a cancellation of school for the day, announcements will be made on the following television stations: WTNH, WFSB, WVIT, Fox61

TEMS has students that attend school from 9 different towns.   There are MANY different challenges which can occur on an inclement weather day.   The following examples may not include every possible scenario (because it is impossible to predict every situation), but hopefully they will provide some insight and clarification.   Families need to take notice of closings and delays as televised.   When there is an early dismissal, a School Messenger notification will be sent to your home and/or cell phone, as well as a text message.




Meriden is closed, but your school district is open.

TEMS follows the Meriden schedule; there is no school at TEMS.

Meriden is open, but your school district is closed.

TEMS is open.   Transportation will not be provided by your town.   You can provide transportation yourself, or not.   Your child will be excused from school if you cannot provide transportation.

ACES is closed, but Meriden is open.

TEMS is open (we follow the Meriden schedule).

ACES is open, but Meriden is closed.

TEMS is closed (we follow the Meriden schedule).




TEMS (Meriden) is delayed, but your school district is not delayed.**

Your child will be picked up at the usual time and supervision is provided at TEMS until school starts.

**SOMETIMES your district will pick up your child at the TEMS delayed time (add on the proper number of minutes to your child’s usual bus time) and transport him/her to school for the correct delay time.   We often don’t know when this will be an option.

TEMS (Meriden) is delayed, but your school district is CLOSED.

TEMS is delayed, but the school district that is closed will not provide transportation.   Students from the closed school district will be excused from school.

TEMS is not delayed, but your school district is delayed.

Transportation to TEMS is provided by your school district.   They are on a delay, so your child’s transportation is on a delay.   Add the proper number of minutes on to your child’s usual bus pick up time and have your child ready on your town’s delayed schedule.   Your child will NOT be marked tardy.

ACES is delayed, but Meriden is not delayed.

TEMS is not delayed.

ACES is not delayed, but Meriden is delayed.

TEMS is delayed.




TEMS is closing early, but your school district is not closing early.

Your school district will provide transportation home at the TEMS closing time.

TEMS is not closing early, but your school district is closing early.  **

Your school district will pick up your TEMS student early.

**SOMETIMES your school district will pick up students at our regular dismissal time.   We do not always know when that will occur.

ACES is closing early, but TEMS is not closing early.

TEMS follows the Meriden schedule and we will not close early.

ACES is not closing early, but TEMS is closing early.

TEMS follow the Meriden schedule and we will close early.

Get weather alerts on your cell phone. 

The following television stations offer the option to sign-up for text alerts.  The following links will take you to their websites. 

WTNH (News 8)           WFSB (Eyewitness News 30)            WVIT (NBC Connecticut)