Our Mission

Our mission is to empower teachers and students to use technology effectively in order to become knowledgeable, capable, and ethical digital citizens. By developing strong digital and 21st century skills within our school environment our teachers and students will be ready to confidently work within the global environment.

One-2-One Laptop Initiative

Our student laptop initiative began in the fall of 2004. This initiative provides laptop computers to all students for both school and home use. The internet is accessed at school through the ACES network and students can log on to the internet at home through their own providers.

Having the ability to use technology 24/7 can transform student learning and make it a personal experience. Students are able to communicate with their teachers, pick up and submit their work online, and use the internet for research. They also have access to subscription sites like Discovery Learning, IXL for math practice, and Visual Thesaurus for vocabulary practice.

Our Students Are Going Google at ACES!

What is Google Drive? Google Drive is a cloud service offered by Google that allows teachers and students to store their work and collaborate online.

What does this mean?  It means the teachers and students will have access to their student work at home (e.g., documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and drawing).  Students will not have Gmail accounts. Internal mail between students and teachers is through the existing ACES.org Outlook email. 

How do students get to Google Drive?  They would use the drive icon on their desktop, or they can go to https://drive.google.com from their laptop or home computer.  Then, they would log in with their aces.org account.

How can I learn more about Google Drive? Try some of these short videos below by Anson Alexander:

Google Drive Tutorial Introduction     |     Google Drive Tutorial: Composing Google Docs     |     Google Drive Tutorial: Sharing Files and Folders     |     Google Drive Tutorial: Document Organization     |     Google Drive Tutorial 2014 Quick Start

Laptop Rollout and Implementation

Before a student receives a laptop, parents/guardians must...

  • Attend a meeting with the administration
    • New 6th grade parents/guardians meet with the administration during the first 6th Grade Open House in September
    • New 7th & 8th grade students can attend this meeting or make an appointment to meet with the administration during the day
  • Read and sign two forms
    • Laptop Agreement form
    • ACES RUP (Responsible Use Policy)

On the day of Rollout, students will review the ACES AUP policy with the teachers. They will also review the TEMS Technology Information Guide. 

New in 2018

6th grade students who take place in our protection plan  policy will be able to KEEP their computers when they graduate 8th grade. This will begin with the class of 2021.  Details are outlined in the ACES RUP

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Beginning February 2014, ACES offers the option and privilege for student BYOD. Allowing students to bring their own devices to school motivates and personalizes the students' learning experience, even beyond our one-to-one programs. The addition of mobile learning devices will help students transform their learning in a global society and develop their 21st Century communication, collaboration, and technology skills.

Technology Standards

ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) provides the technology standards for our students.