The TEMS Physical Education goal is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to value and apply physical activity and its benefits for a lifetime. Through active participation in movement and sport, students will foster an appreciation for personal fitness and other social skills vital to becoming healthy, productive members of the community. We try to provide a variety of exploratory experiences, allowing students to discover their strengths and weaknesses.  Our physical education curriculum includes activities such as: Physical Fitness Activities/Testing, Soccer, Basketball, Ultimate Handball, Football, Frisbee, Floor Hockey, Wiffle Ball, Volleyball, Cooperative Activities and Tag Games.

In health class students use computer based lessons, inquiry based projects, collaborative learning, as well as engaging in physical activity.  Students learn about a vast array of topics and follow the State of Connecticut’s Healthy and Balanced Curriculum Framework.

Physical Education and Health Department Staff

P.E. Mrs. Haggery Ms. Stinton Mr. Weber
Health Mr. Gross