young violinist


Each grade level has their own band and orchestra. Meets during school in elective classes.
Open to all grade levels. 
Faculty Advisor: Rachel Smithson


For students interested in singing and learning more about music. It is part of creative arts.
Open to all grade levels.
Faculty Advisor: Cheryl Prunzion

student playing piano

Ready for field day

Field Day

Field day is something that celebrated towards the end of the year. With music, bounce houses, games and much more.
Grades six and seven.

Gay Straight Alliance

GSA is a student-run club, which provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and work to end homophobia and transphobia.
Open to all students.  Meets every other Wednesday.
Faculty Advisor: Amy Stinton

Rainbow heart

Friends on school trip

Holiday Hill

The 8th grade Field Day takes place all day at the Holiday Hill resort with swimming, all you can eat food, and many indoor and outdoor activities.
Grade 8 only.

Family and STEM Nights

These nights are designed to help families of our students come together to see what the school offers and be apart of the school community. Some nights include Basket Bonanza and STEM night.
Open to everyone.

Decorated car trunk

NJHS Toys for tots drive

National Junior Honor Society

The NJHS promotes appropriate recognition for 8th grade students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership, citizenship, and service.
Students in grade 7 may qualify after trimester 2. Students must maintain a "3" average or higher and have no "R's" or "I's" in core content classes.  Faculty Advisors: Michelle Gray and Lesley Henry

School Wide Activities

These are activities that the staff come up with that takes place once a month during the school day such as, dodgeball tournament, basketball tournament, dances, movies and more.
Open to everyone.

Ready for dodgeball

Washington Monument with cherry blossoms

Washington DC trip

The trip is designed for our 8th graders to explore Washington DC and see the different monuments. It is an activity that takes place for a few days.
Grade 8 only.


Athletic Director- James Christensen 

Boys and Girls Basketball

Girls Coach: Mr. Christensen
Boys Coach:  Coach Weber
The teams travel to compete against other middle school teams. The team focuses on developing and improving basketball skills. Teamwork and sportsmanship is a consistent expectation.
Open to all grade levels based on tryouts.  Practice and game times TBD by coaches.

Boys basketball team

Girls Cross Country Team

Boys and Girls Cross Country

The season goes from September to October. The students compete against other middle school teams. It is a running team that runs on nearby outdoor trails. Practices and meets always consist of at least 2 mile workouts.
Open to all grade levels based on tryouts.  Practice and game times TBD by coaches.
Boys/Girls Coach:  Amy Stinton

Boys and Girls Soccer

The soccer team travels around central CT competing against other middle schools. The team focuses on improving soccer skills and having a positive and focused mental attitude.
Open to all grade levels based on tryouts.  Practice and game times TBD by coaches.
Girls Coach: Kevin MacCarry
Boys Coach:  Jason Betz

Soccer team

catching frisbee midair

Ultimate Frisbee

Open to all grade levels-Spring
Faculty Advisors:  James Christensen, Erin Anker
Ultimate Frisbee is a fast paced sport where a team tries to score a goal by getting a Frisbee caught in their opponents end zone. Teamwork and Sportsmanship are key as the students referee their own games.

Boys and Girls Volleyball

Travels to compete against other middle schools. The team focuses on developing and improving Volleyball skills. Teamwork and sportsmanship is a consistent expectation
Open to all grade levels based on tryouts.  Practice and game times TBD by coaches.
Girls Coach:  
Boys Coach:  James Christensen

Volleyball team



Art quilt assembly

Art Club

Art Club focuses on activities not covered in Art Class, along with building a school community and friendships between artits. We create murals and artworks around the school with the intention to create a positive atmosphere for our fellow students! After school program is open to all students. Meets first and second Monday of the month.
Faculty Advisor: Lauren Young 

Kindness Club

TEMS Kindness Club is a student run program. Students work collaboratively  to develop and roll out ideas to support our positive school climate at TEMS! 
Faculty Advisor: Joe Premus

Kindness club logo

theater drama mask

Drama Club

The TEMS drama club meets throughout the year to learn the art of acting and theater production. Students will need to audition. Auditions begin in December.
Afterschool program for all students chosen through audition process.
Faculty Advisor:  Ian Ally-Seals

Student Council

Student Council is responsible for organizing school spirit days, certain fundraisers, and school dances.
Afterschool program for students in grades 6 - 8.  Meets every other Wednesday.
Faculty Advisors: Miguelina Rivera 

Yearbook Club

Students participate in taking pictures and picking pictures that will go into the yearbook during the school year. It is a good way to bond and have some insight on what students want to see in the yearbook.
Open to students in grades 6 - 8.
Faculty Advisor: Lesley Henry

Green Club

Student learn about growing plants in the green house, on tower gardens and outside in our Herb Knight Garden in the spring. From seed to sapling, they learn all about nutrients and care of different types of plants. 

Faculty Advisors: Lauren Young and Jody Kokoszka

Homework Help

Students can stay after school on Tuesday's and Thursdays to get get extra help on homework assignments in all academic classes.  Students must have transportation home at 4pm. Faculty rotates contact Karen Habegger with questions.