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$800 First Prize in Prose: "Cat Orphanage Room 241" by Nicole Anschutz, ECA
$600 Second Prize in Prose: "Frostbite" by Shana Blatt, ECA


$600 2nd Prize in Prose: “The Yarmulke Kid” by Jonathan Gelernter, ECA


$800 1st Prize in Prose: "Cold Turkey" by Jonathan Gelernter, ECA
$800 1st Prize in Poetry: "The Greats" by Sophia O’Brien-Udry, ECA
$600 2nd Prize in Prose: "The Race Card" by Emerald Douglas, ECA
$600 2nd Prize in Poetry: "My Father and I" by John Branch, ECA


$600 First Prize in Prose: "West Nile Delirium" by Lillian Sun, ECA
$400 Second Prize in Prose: "Electron Affinity" by Dana Lew, ECA
$600 First Prize in Poetry: "Nkoaranga" by Emma Broder, ECA


$600 First Prize in Prose: "Bingo War" by Charlotte Beach, ECA
$400 Second Prize in Prose: "Vectors" by Emma Broder; ECA
$600 First Prize in Poetry, "Pillar of Salt" by Margaret Lincoln, ECA


$600 First Prize in Prose: "Migration" by Tamanna Hossin, ECA
$400 Second Prize in Prose: "The Brooklyn Fossil" by Miles Margulies, ECA
$200 Honorable Mention in Prose: "Grace Notes" by Charlotte Dylan, ECA
$600 First Prize in Poetry: "The Deerfield River Fish" by Alex Nicoll, ECA
$200 Honorable Mention in Poetry: "On the Bombing of the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad" by Cleo O'Brien-Udry, ECA


$500 First Prize Prose: "Plumber" by Annie Bass, ECA
$500 First Prize in Poetry: "July Baby" by Daphne Lew, ECA
$300 Second Prize in Poetry: " Crescent Revelations in Marakesh" by Katy Schneider, ECA


$400 First Prize in Prose: "Susan and Don and the Taxi and the Lights of the City behind Them" by Anna Sussman, ECA