What is Policy Council?

Early Head Start Policy Council is comprised of parents of enrolled children and community representatives, including a member of the ACES Governing Board. The council assists in setting goals, planning programs and approving agency personnel policies and funding requests.

What does Policy Council do?

  • Serves as a link between parents, the ACES Governing Board, EHS staff and community partners
  • Provides parents with the opportunity to participate in policy making or other decisions about the EHS program along with the ACES Governing Board and community partners
  • Reviews and approved personnel policies, as well as staff hiring and changes
  • Assists with the annual self-assessment of the EHS program
  • Approves program plans
  • Helps to develop, review and approve all grant proposals and budget requests
  • Helps to establish procedures for hearing and resolving community complaints, along with the ACES Governing Board


2017-2018 Policy Council Members

Amanda Cistulli Parent - Vice Chair
Betsey Cronin Community Representative
Monique Hennessey Parent
Vincent Loffredo Middletown BOE/ACES Governing Board Representative
Johny Lopez Parent - Chair
Jordan Paisley Parent
Amy Waterman Community Representative

Policy Council reports monthly to the ACES Governing Board. These reports are part of the ACES Governing Board meeting minutes.