Visiting Scholars to ACES participate in sponsored observational sessions, conferences, staff seminars, and informal gatherings while advancing their scholarly growth.

International scholars can attend for a 2 week; one month; one semester; or one year stay. As all stays vary by length, content and program also vary and can be determined in collaboration with the ACES International team to support specialized learning and a personalized experience. 

Participants are immersed in multiple school communities and are provided learning resources to succeed. Visiting scholars to ACES also have access to the wide network of professional educators in the ACES Schools and programs.

ACES particularly welcomes teams of scholars who wish to collaborate on a specific project or theme of understanding during their residence giving their work with ACES greater purpose upon return to their country. Given our location in New Haven within the Yale University Campus and the City of New Haven, it is no surprise that we are able to provide a rich experience to our visiting scholars. With its rich and diverse cultural and intellectual communities, as well as our long history through collaborative partnerships with Yale and many professional organizations, our visiting scholars are guaranteed a memorable and successful learning experience.

Inquiries can be directed to our contact page.

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