Exchange Program Management

ACES International has the field experience and cultural knowledge to assist a school or organization in the USA or overseas to develop a sustainable partnership between schools and colleagues around the world. With expertise in international education, cultural negotiations, government policy, and education leadership, ACES International facilitates an experience that supports educators and a community to overcome obstacles common in culture and society, curriculum, and costs in order to forge successful and cooperative experiences for students.

Student Study Tours

ACES International facilitates and hosts study tours focused on relevant, real-world experience. Learning communities can internationalize their campus, increase students’ cultural understand, and make direct connections to an institution’s academic needs and goals. With the lens of educators, we customize safe experiences for classroom and school-wide initiatives.

ACES International will create a rich and responsible program that will inspire students, enhance curriculum, fit a school calendar schedule and budget, and meet the academic needs of students. Our extensive network of partners and staff allow us to provide you with maximum value for your investment, and our commitment to collaboration eliminates pitfalls.

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ACES International is committed to developing international, intercultural, and interdisciplinary competencies for students and educators. We sustain these competencies through innovative and experiential learning; collaborative projects; partnerships; research; creative activity; and community engagement on a national and international level.

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