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ECA’s teaching staff is collegiate professors, professional artists, and certified educators. Our faculty bring professional experience and content expertise from careers at institutions such as Yale University; Wesleyan University; Art Institute of Chicago; Rhode Island School of Design; Columbia University; New York University; The Juliard School; University of Connecticut; Brown University; University of Pennsylvania; CalTech; Carnegie Mellon; Bard College; Cornell University; University of Illinois, and many other exceptional institutions. At ACES ECA, students receive an advanced education from our professional staff that promote acceptance into the best universities and conservatories in the United States.

The cost of this program includes: Master workshops; resources through ECA’s university partnerships; cultural learning and sightseeing; college visits; Yale University dormitory lodging; 3 meals a day in campus dining halls; daily transportation, sightseeing fees, learning materials, supervisory and security staffing.

Safety: Students are supervised 24 hours a day with full access to school staff by smart phone and text. Supervisory safety staff remain with students in the dormitory residence overnight. Students have the ability to interact with family or staff 24 hours a day in the event of emergencies and for healthy adult connections.  Families are provided 24/7 access contact information to administrative and supervisory staff for communication purposes.

2018-2019 Application

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