“It is OUR responsibility to prepare OUR students for THEIR future.” - Jason Hiruo, Director

ACES International is an educational service department that provides professional, real-world international and cultural learning for both students and educators.

ACES International is based in New Haven, Connecticut, USA and works in Asia and Europe with networks of educators, collaborating with both local and national bureaus around the world. Over time, AI has established professional partnerships with organizations and institutions overseas in countries that we work with to best support successful learning experiences.

ACES International believes that cultural connections, comprehensive experiences, and personal relevance bring engagement and progress for individual growth and organizational progress. AI is dedicated to supporting and facilitating global learning initiatives for educators and students. Our mission is to promote international understanding, global citizenship and intercultural learning through real-world experience and professional growth.

In their developing world, students require and seek deeper knowledge and experiences. Therefore, we offer support services and learning experiences to both educators and students that will always contribute to the success of each student, while providing educators the opportunity to bring their greater experiences back into their classrooms and learning communities.

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