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Mead Flexible Learning - Students 

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Learning Better Together

Since its inception in, the ACES @ Mead Elementary School program (AMES) is growing and expanding. Ansonia Public Schools has partnered with Area Cooperative Educational Services (ACES) to establish an exciting new program to help focus on the specific needs of the John C. Mead School student population in the areas of academic, behavioral, and therapeutic interventions. Initially, this program was designed for kindergarten through third grade but now has been expanded to include ages up to sixth grade.

Focusing on Student Success

  • An academic focus with a full range of art, physical education, and other activities
  • Providing students with additional support and strategies to enable them to excel and be successful
  • Student placement based on personal evaluations

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A Unique Approach to Accelerate Learning

The students in the program will receive instruction and support in a specialized small classroom setting specifically established for this program. The students will get the benefit of attending classes with their Mead School peers during physical education, art, special programs, events, and lunch. It also allows students to be closer to home and reduce time in transportation to attend school.  Also, families with students that qualify and have regular education students will be able to conveniently have all their children in one place.

  • The first ACES school developed and operated in a primarily regular education setting
  • Students have access to their non-identified peers
  • Opportunities for students to apply the skills they learn in a traditional classroom setting
  • Allowing AMES students and Mead School students to learn from one another

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Prior to being enrolled in ACES, our daughter was unable to safely attend school for more than a couple of hours per day. Thanks to Mr. TY and the other amazing staff at ACES, our Juliet is simply thriving. She cannot only attend for the whole school day, but most importantly, she is happy and safe. She is catching up academically and learning important social skills as well. Thank you so much.

Lindsey & Jeff Bryce
ACES at Mead Elementary School parents

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