ACES Human Resources coordinates the placement of interns, student teachers and student observers in our schools and programs.  Our goal is to provide a robust experience; one that allows future educators to be fully immersed in our culture and work directly with our knowledgeable staff.

ACES requests that Placement Coordinators:

  • Download a Student Placement Application and submit a completed application to Nancy Sudhoff:
  • Upon receipt of placement application Nancy works with ACES Principals/Directors to ascertain the availability of a site supervisor/Cooperating Teacher.  To minimize confusion, please do not contact principals/directors without contacting Human Resources and speaking with Nancy Sudhoff.
  • The Principal/Director will setup a time to meet the student.  
  • The Principal/Director of designee will communicate with HR and the student about whether goals can be accommodated and, if so, who will supervise the student.


All students are asked to work with their University/College Placement Coordinator to submit the above referenced application.

After being accepted by ACES and prior to working within our programs/schools, Student Teachers and Interns must provide proof of a recent background check (within the last three-years).  Student Teachers and Interns must complete a State of Connecticut Volunteer and Employment Criminal History Waiver  and Consent Form

Currently, the cost for the Department of Public Safety to process a background check is $111.00 (payable in cash or debit card). Students that need to begin this process by getting fingerprinted, may schedule an appointment through ACES Fingerprinting Services. Students may also wish to contact Madeline Torres at 203-498-6800 to obtain the necessary paperwork to bring to their local police department.  Please keep in mind, all the required paperwork for a background check must be returned in person to ACES, 350 State Street, North Haven.

Student Teachers and Interns are also required to attend an ACES Orientation. Students may begin their placement and attend the next scheduled Orientation.  Orientations are generally offered on the first Monday of every other month at 11:00 a.m., at the Professional Development Building, 205 Skiff Street, Hamden.  During Orientation, information will be provided on:  Child Abuse/Neglect, Sexual Harassment and Technology Training.  Students will receive a written notice letting them know their assigned Orientation date.

Requirements differ for students who need strictly observation hours for a short period of time that does not involve direct contact with students. Typically, students who are “observers” are not required to attend orientation or submit a background check. A Student Placement Application is still required and must be processed through Human Resources. 

For more information or questions concerning Student Teaching/Internships and Observation placements, please contact Nancy Sudhoff, HR Specialist at 203 498-6809.