ACES Magnet Schools provide quality theme based education.  ACES currently manages three magnet schools:

ACES Educational Center for the Arts -the oldest arts magnet school in Connecticut, Thomas Edison Middle School, and Wintergreen Interdistrict Magnet School.

Our schools have been challenged by cuts in state funding.  ACES has joined with the Connecticut Coalition for Magnet Schools to advocate for sustained funding to support our magnet schools.  To raise awareness of the importance of supporting magnet schools, ACES has initiated several ongoing advocacy efforts. Raising awareness by engaging local legislators and school communities, participating in appropriations hearing, continued outreach to legislators through student, staff and community letter writing campaigns.  For further information as to how you can get involved, contact Evelyn Rossetti-Ryan




There are a number of ways to advocate on behalf of our magnet schools.  Email, write letters, or call your elected officials, or write an Op-Ed for your local newpaper a just a few of the ways to get involved.  The Connecticut Coalition for Magnet Schools,, is a great resource for advocacy ideas.




Jacob Mattison - Durham, CT

After living in other states, I have returned to Connecticut and work at an innovative software company based in New Haven. The nature of our work is constantly changing and our employees need to be creative, adaptable, and proactive. We have deliberately hired a number of employees with a background in the arts, and they have been a huge asset. The energy of the arts community here in Connecticut is a draw for employers and citizens, and the Educational Center for the Arts is a driver of that energy. Please help them continue to benefit our state.


Joseph Vollano - Meriden, CT

The benefits of ACES Thomas Edison reach beyond the borders of my town. It provides a quality education to 736 wonderful students, with 200 of those students coming from the inner cities of Meriden, Middletown and even Waterbury. If this year’s budget consists of additional cuts to our state's magnet schools, the ramifications will be dramatic. Cuts in Hartford would push the burden of financing these great learning institutions to the local towns and cities. Unfortunately, with cuts to municipal aid from the state, cities and towns that utilize ACES Thomas Edison Middle School would not be able to afford their share of the increased costs to send students to this wonderful school. Now, I am a realist and understand cuts need to be made to balance our budget, but all I ask I that we don’t issue cuts on our state's future, which are all these young and vibrant faces of the children here and all over our great state.

I again thank you for your time, and we all look forward to working together to find viable solutions to address the needs of our state.


Alexandra Lee-Dicks - Derby, CT

Since our time at WIMS my children have been given the opportunity to:  learn a foreign language,  learn to read music and play an instrument, be part of the marching band, be an actor in the school play; play on the basketball team,  had their artwork displayed at the annual art show,  get inducted in to the National Junior Honor Society, participate in the academic enrichment program Pathfinder through a partnership with Hopkins School, participate in overnight trips to  Nature’s Classroom and to our Nation’s Capital, visit the United Nations  and attend a concert by  the NY Philharmonic.  My children have also participated in various community service events like delivering care packages to veterans at the VA Hospital; played board games with residents of a senior home and even cleaned up Quinnipiac Linear Trail! 

These are a just highlights of a few experiences that I am sure ANY student would like to have but I am most proud to say that WINTERGREEN afforded my children with those types of activities & opportunities.

Magnet schools in general allow for families to choose schools that appeal most to their child’s academic interests and talents.  In this day and age of technology, and with the speed at which  technology affects our everyday lives,  I am proud that WIMS is and remains a technology leader by  distributing to each student from grades K – 8th with their own iPad or Chromebook!  These devices bridge the gap between education and the technological world in which we live today AND enhance our students overall learning.

So…. I ask you on behalf of my son, on behalf of my family and on behalf of my Wintergreen family to PLEASE see the importance of adequately funding magnet schools so all the good that is being done here can continue.  PLEASE, be forward thinking and consider the consequences that funding cuts will entail and the disruption that it would cause. PLEASE, remember that we want our children to be able to continue with the academic excellence, exposure to music, the arts, athletics, friendships & So much more that they are accustomed to all while creating new opportunities for them to thrive and grow!

I thank you for your time and remember: We all have the same goal…quality education for every student.  Please consider that as your bottom line before making your final decision & casting your final vote.


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Magnet schools deserve support, funding

Posted: 03/06/2017, 3:48 PM EST

I would like to add my support to a letter from Jim Horwitz, “Magnet school arts must be fully funded.”

I, too, am concerned about how much the budgets of the magnet schools are being asked to sacrifice in funding in the proposed state budget for the coming year. Magnet schools work. They are getting the job done. Our children need challenging educational opportunities to prepare themselves for higher education and adulthood. I have always been proud to live in a state which supports education. Reducing the ability of the magnet schools to accomplish their goals is the wrong way for Connecticut to prosper in today’s economy. We need today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders in Connecticut. Graduates of our magnet schools will be those leaders.

Horwitz’s special interest in the arts magnet high school in New Haven, the Educational Center for the Arts, is one that I share. I have seen the importance of this school in my granddaughter’s life. She attends the theater program there. The nurturing support of the staff and being part of the student community or fellow artists is helping her achieve her goals — goals which may translate into job opportunities in the future.

ECA provides a home base for a diverse community of students, and the challenges it offers these young men and women are priceless. I hope our elected representatives in Hartford will look at the benefits we receive from having our young people fully challenged in their magnet school experience. Meet with them, talk with them, and learn how important these schools are to their lives. And then make Connecticut’s commitment to invest in them. It will be money well spent for the future.

— Anne-Marie Sutton