This is a one day a week program which provides licensed occupational therapists (OTs) or occupational therapist assistants (COTAs) a chance to work in conjunction with, and under supervision of, an experienced school-based occupational therapist within a public school system. This provides a unique opportunity for those OTs or COTAs who may be considering a transition to school based services.


University/College Level Affiliations

Level I - This program provides “job shadowing” opportunities for students beginning their core occupational therapy and physical therapy studies at the University/College level.

Level II – This program is a 2 to 3 month placement through an affiliated University/College, affording a practicum in school based therapy for those students nearing completion of their OT or PT studies. Students are under the daily contact and supervision of the mentoring therapist.



Co-Host for Regional Conferences

ETS co-hosts OT/PT-related seminars with Educational Resources, Inc and provides a local CT location (the ACES Staff Development/ Administration Building) for these seminars.



Vision, Ocular-Motor and Movement Strategies for Integrated Learning

April 7-8, 2017

This course will focus on clinical decision-making for the use of vision, occulomotor and movement strategies to enhance outcomes. Emphasis will be on frameworks used with special populations and analysis of assessment data. Movement-based therapeutic strategies and ocular-motor assessment will be incorporated through case study review for effective and evidence-based treatment planning. Video case analysis will allow attendees to sharpen observational and assessment skills and integrate course material for more complex clinical data-based decision making in order to L.E.A.R.N.

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Past conferences have included:

"Sensory Integration Intensive" with Jeanetta Burpee

"Feeding Frustrations: Innovative Strategies that Work" with Angela Mansolillo

"Sensory Processing Disorder in Young Children: An Advance Course to Enhance Clinical Reasoning and Intervention" with Marie Anzalone

"Get Ready to Learn: Yoga Therapy in the Classroom" with Anne Buckley-Reen

"Student Transitions during their School Careers: Related Services Roles and Interventions" with Meira Orentlicher

"Praxis: Evaluation and Treatment of the Clumsy Child" with Barbara Connolly