PreK-3rd Grade initiatives are in various stages of implementation in CT and across the United States and are one of the priority focus areas of the federal Race to the Top program. The attached links provide further information on the rationale for PreK-3rd Grade, the research that supports it, recommendations for implementation, and examples of PreK-3rd Grade programs in numerous states. As ACES moves forward in its support of PreK-3rd in CT, we will continue to add resources and highlight examples of PreK-3rd Grade efforts occurring in our member districts.

Resources from the Foundation for Child Development

Resources List

Graves, PK-3: What Is It and How Do We Know it Works

National Association of Elementary School Principals

The NAESP recently released a document outlining the leadership competencies for effective administration of PreK-3rd learning communities. The title is Leading Pre-K-3 Learning Communities and can be purchased at through the "Resources" section.